Rules Pertaining to Public Comment

Time Limit

  • You have three (3) minutes maximum speaking time.
  • At the expiration of three minutes, the microphone will be muted.  
  • If you do not conclude your comments within three minutes, the school board President or District official will ask you to stop speaking and leave the podium.
  • The public comment period will be limited to 45 minutes total speaking time unless extended by a motion and vote of the Board.


  • Conduct yourself with respect and civility. 
  • No disruptive, abusive, or harassing conduct.
  • No vulgarities, profanities, or threatening language.  
  • The President may prohibit further comments if your remarks violate this rule.

Topics for Discussion

  • Do not comment on confidential personnel disputes.
  • Do not address grievances with respect to individual District employees unless they pertain to matters of public concern.
  • Do not comment on complaints involving individual student disciplinary matters.

Board Response

  • Pursuant to Wisconsin’s Open Meetings Law, Board members will not respond to public comments unless the topic was identified on the public posting of the Board agenda. 


  • The use of the gavel signifies recess or adjournment of a meeting.
  • If the gavel is used, stop talking and leave the podium.


  • Individuals displaying placards, signs, and/or banners may not stand behind the speaker at the podium or block any attendee’s view of the meeting.


PLEASE NOTE — If any individual’s behavior constitutes a threat to the health or safety of another individual(s) at the meeting, law enforcement may be contacted to restore order and safety.