Rule 1240B – Access to Public Records – Notice to Employees

Notice To Employees (Legal Custodians of Records)

The Superintendent of Schools has been designated as the legal custodian of records for the Kenosha Unified School District.  Persons in the following positions are designated as deputies to act as legal custodians of particular records:

  1. The School Board Secretary for all official Board records and minutes.
  2. The Director of Finance for all records relating to business services.
  3. The Executive Director of Human Resources for all records relating to personnel services.
  4. The Executive Director of Curriculum and Instructional Services for all records pertaining to curriculum and instruction.
  5. The Director of Special Education for all records relating to special education and student services.
  6. The principal of each school, under the direction of the Executive Director of School Leadership II/Coordinator of Student Support, for all student records and other records located in individual school buildings or centers of operation.
  7. The office of Student Support maintains records of former students.

The legal custodian is vested by the Board with full legal power to render decisions and carry out the duties of the District under the public records and property law.  Questions concerning requests for access to records shall be referred to the Superintendent/designee.  The Superintendent/designee will determine whether a record of the District must be made available for inspection and/or copying by a requestor, or whether the request is denied.