Policy 5475 – Students With Disabilities

Students with disabilities shall conform to the policies set forth by the School Board.

The Board recognizes that the needs manifested by students with disabilities dictate a high level of understanding and consideration. To accomplish such level of understanding and support, various program models shall be developed such as: special schools, self-contained classes, resource rooms, and itinerant services. These program models will be utilized within the following general guidelines:

  • The special school model can only be used for the most severely disabled student and only when the total educational environment of the student must be controlled as determined by the IEP. Exceptions to existing District policies, rules, and regulations may be made by the Board upon recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools.
  • When special educations students are programmed into general education classes, they will be expected to conform with the same policies, rules, and regulations as other students except as determined by the Individual Education Program (I.E.P.). Guidelines for reaction to inappropriate behavior of students with a disability shall be provided through individual educational programs (I.E.P.s) developed by the special education teacher, parent, the general education teacher(s), and approved by the LEA representative.
  • Within the special education program, it shall be the responsibility of the special education teacher to modify undesired behaviors and attitudes through teaching, behavior intervention plans, student counseling, parent/guardian assistance, curriculum changes, schedule changes, etc.
  • Students with disabilities may be suspended or considered for expulsion only in accordance with state and federal laws and regulations and established District procedures.


  • Wisconsin Statutes
    • Sections 118.13 Student discrimination prohibited
    • 118.16(4) Assignment to detention/supervised study/period of assessment for truancies
    • 118.31 Use of physical force/corporal punishment
    • 120.13(1) Board powers; rules of conduct, suspension and expulsion
  • Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (20 USC 1415(k)


  • 5430 Student Conduct
  • 5483 Student Suspensions
  • 5474 Student Expulsions
  • 5116.2 Individual Education Program
  • Classroom Code of Conduct
  • Special Education Policy and Procedures Handbook


AFFIRMED: August 13, 1991


  • February 10, 1998
  • September 14, 1999

Rule 5475 – Students With Disabilities

Requests for exceptions to existing District policies, rules and regulations for special schools shall be recommended to the Superintendent of Schools for approval by the School Board. Such necessary exceptions shall be developed by the special education staff and the Director of Special Education.