Policy 4229 – Employee Dress and Grooming

The School Board believes that all employees of the District represent the District and set an example in their dress and grooming. Therefore, professional and support staff are expected at all times during scheduled working hours to wear attire that defines a professional atmosphere to students, parents and the public.


  • Wisconsin Statutes
    • Sections 103.14 [grooming requirement notification]
    • 120.12(2) [board duty; provide general supervision over the schools]
    • 120.13(1) [board power; do all things reasonable for the cause of education]
  • U.S. Constitution, First Amendment [free speech]


  • 4110, Equal Opportunity Employment and Affirmative Action
  • 4362, Employee Discipline
  • Employee Handbook



  • July 25, 2006
  • March 28, 2017

Rule 4229 – Employee Personal Appearance Standards

All District employees must comply with the following personal appearance standards at all times during scheduled working hours:

  1. Employees are expected to dress in a manner that is normally acceptable in a professional environment. Employees should not wear suggestive or revealing attire, spaghetti straps, backless clothing, shirts or tops that reveal an exposed midriff; clothes printed with slogans, inappropriate or offensive comments; blue jeans, athletic clothing, shorts, T-shirts, baseball hats, flip-flop sandals and similar attire that do not present a professional appearance.
  2. Certain employees may be required to wear special attire, depending on the nature of their job.
  3. At the discretion of the Superintendent and his/her designee, an employee may be allowed to dress in a more casual fashion than normally required. On these occasions, employees are still expected to present a neat appearance and are not permitted to wear ripped or disheveled clothing, athletic wear or similarly inappropriate clothing.

Employees shall be informed of these personal appearance standards at the time of hiring.

Any employee who does not meet the personal appearance standards outlined above will be required to take corrective action, which may include leaving work to change into appropriate clothing. Violations may also result in disciplinary action.