Policy 1333 – Facilities Charges

The School Board shall establish and publish a fee schedule for use of District facilities.  Said fee schedule shall not exceed the actual costs associated with the rental of the facilities or the actual cost for custodial or other services when outside of the normal working hours.  If the event or activity is a fundraiser, or user/hourly rates for service are charged to participants, Kenosha Unified Youth Groups will be charged the rental cost.  Kenosha Unified Community Groups, primarily for adult activities, and For-Profit and Other Groups will be charged a modified rental cost including indirect and depreciation charges.  Fees may be charged for rental and custodial cost associated with use of District facilities in accordance with adopted policies, rules and procedures and the fee schedule.  The fee schedule shall be reviewed on at least an annual basis.

The Board shall annually approve rental fees, at a reduced rate, for the use of District facilities for before and/or after school child care programs established through District policy during the regular school year.

The Board retains the right to waive or adjust any fees associated with use of District facilities.

LEGAL REF.: Wisconsin Statutes Sections

  • 120.125 [Use for before and after-school child care programs]
  • 120.13(17) [Board power; temporary use of school property and authority to charge use fees]
  • 120.13(19) [Board power; use for community education programs]
  • 120.13(21) [Board power; use for educational lectures]


  • 1330, Facilities Use
  • 1331, Classification of Groups Using School District Facilities
  • 1812, Relations with Parent-Teacher Organizations
  • 6570, Before and/or After-School Child Care Programs


AFFIRMED:  December 8, 1990


  • May 28, 1991
  • June 13, 2000
  • May 27, 2003
  • December 19, 2006