Summertime Thankfulness Challenge

As we wrap up the school year, here’s a challenge for you, your students, and your family to kick off the summer break!

Each morning, place your hand on your heart. Feel each beat and say “Good morning to you, my strong, sweet heart. I’m so glad you never give up circulating freshly oxygenated blood to every part of my body. Thank you for working so hard every day.”

Next, with your hand on your belly, inhale. “Thank you, lungs, for each cleansing breath of fresh air. Thank you, oxygen, for nourishing my every cell.” Exhale carbon dioxide, saying “I send you out as a gift for all vegetation. Thank you, plants, for changing it back into oxygen to sustain all the people of the world.” Scan your body, thanking it for all it does. Acknowledge areas of pain. Place your hand on that area. “Left foot, I feel your pain, so much is expected of you. Thank you for your sacrifice as we start this new day.

If you have a significant other, place your hand on their heart and say, “Thank you for being a pain in my butt.” Ok, that’s a joke, do what you want with that.

Give yourself a big smile in the mirror, and even if you don’t believe it, say. “This is going to be a great day!” At day’s end, forgive yourself and others for mistakes, anger, and wrongdoings. Without judgment, acknowledge the joys, challenges, sorrows and stress, and express thankfulness for each moment. Our quilt of life would not be as beautiful without both the light and dark threads.

Change is not easy, but we can take little steps every day to change our mindset. Just keep practicing. This challenge is for you, your family, your students, and for me and my family as well. When school starts next fall, let’s see if it made a difference. Have a fantastic summer break!

Joyful June 2023

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