Special board meeting recap: Aug. 18, 2020

  • Discussion/Action – Return 2020 Virtual Plan – SEE BELOW
    • A motion was MADE and PASSED to rescind the July 28, 2020, vote to start the year fully virtual.
    • A motion was MADE and PASSED to approve the original Return 2020 plan presented at the July 28, 2020, Board meeting which offers both an in-person and virtual learning option with the school start date for all students other than Frank and Wilson to be moved to September 14, 2020. The motion also included approving WIAA’s recommended seasonal start date of Aug. 24 for girls swimming and diving, boys and girls cross country, girls golf and girls tennis, as well as a Sept. 7 start date for football, boys and girls volleyball, and boys soccer. The approved motion noted that if a COVID-19 surge shall occur, this plan will be revisited.
    • Families will be asked to lock in their choice of in-person or virtual by Sept. 2 for planning purposes.
  • Discussion/Action – WIAA Sports – SEE ABOVE
  • Discussion/Action – Positions-Repurposed/Furloughed Due to Virtual Learning Environment – APPROVED
    • This refers only to Non-FTE hourly timesheet positions that may not be needed based on the final numbers of virtual and in-person learning selections
    • Impacted staff will be notified following the completion of the parent survey – this data is needed to make final Non-FTE staffing decisions
  • Discussion/Action – School Transportation Contract – APPROVED