Sept. 25 board meeting recap

The following occurred at tonight’s Board of Education meeting: 

  • Administrative and Supervisory Appointments – APPROVED  
    • Duane Sturino, interim assistant principal of Indian Trail High School and Academy
  • Consent Agenda – APPROVED   
    • Consent/Approve Recommendations Concerning Appointments, Leaves of Absence, Retirements, Resignations and Separations 
    • Consent/Approve Minutes of8/27/18 and 8/28/18 Special Meetings and Executive Sessions, 8/28/18 Regular Meeting, 8/27/18 and 9/13/18 (2) Special Meetings, and 9/13/18 Annual Meeting of Electors
    • Consent/Approve Summary of Receipts, Wire Transfers and Check Registers 
    • Consent/Approve Policy 1120 – Parent/Guardian/Caregiver Involvement (Second Reading)
  • New Business 
    • Discussion/Action Resolution No. 348 – National Bullying Prevention Month 2018 – APPROVED
    • Discussion/Action Resolution No. 349 – Wisconsin School Board Appreciation Week October 7-13, 2018 – APPROVED
    • Discussion/Action Resolution No. 350 – Resolution in Support of Increasing Special Education Funding in Wisconsin Public Schools to 90% of the Cost Incurred – APPROVED
    • Discussion/Action 2018-2019 Elementary School Multiage Waivers Request – APPROVED
    • Discussion/Action Gang Prevention Education Program – APPROVED
    • Discussion Head Start Semi-Annual Report
    • Discussion/Action Increase for Non-Represented Full-Time Equivalent Employees Other Than Certified Teaching Personnel – APPROVED
      • 1.25 percent increase for all FTE other than teachers effective July 1, 2018 (FTE for this purpose refers to AST, Educational Support Personnel, Interpreters, Administrative Support Professionals, Facilities, Food Services and Community and Student Support)
      • A step advancement for the non-represented FTE employees in the AST group effective July 1, 2018, per the classification, compensation and personnel policy and schedule