Health care carrier selection meetings and update

On Tuesday, Jan. 8, 2019, the Board met to hear a presentation from Hays, the district’s benefits consultant, regarding broad and narrow networks as they relate to the request for proposal (RFP) we are currently undergoing. The RFP process is something the district undergoes every three years when our contract with our current health care carrier is set to expire. It includes sending out an invitation for carriers to vie for our business. The proposals submitted by the carriers are reviewed by the Board and include vendor presentations, which cover the cost of plans, plan options, customer service offerings and more. 

On Tuesday, the Board voted to rescind it’s Dec. 12, 2018, motion that included narrow network carriers as finalists after hearing concerns from administration about the impact a narrow network could have on our employees and learning facts from our consultants during the presentation. The new motion made on Tuesday included WEA Trust, United Health Care and Humana as finalists who will focus on broad networks only. The finalists will be presenting their final offers to the Board in February. Once a meeting date is finalized, the notice will be sent to all users via email so you may attend if so wish. 

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