Parent/guardian satisfaction survey

2020 parent/guardian satisfaction survey, open Feb. 12 through March 11

KUSD is seeking voluntary feedback from all students and parents/guardians. This information will be helpful to site-based teams in their future decision-making and will allow us to grow and improve at each of our schools.

Students will take the survey during school between Feb. 3-28. Questions include how your child feels when they are at school and how they feel about their learning experiences.

The parent/guardian survey is similar in nature and asks your opinion on how you feel the school is doing in regards to educating your child. Please access the Parent/Guardian Satisfaction Survey before March 11 to complete a survey for each school your children attend. Example: A family with a child at Brass and a child at Lincoln should take the survey twice, once for each building.

Should you have questions regarding either of these surveys, please contact your child’s building principal.