KUSD Theatre Arts auditions for 2023-24

KUSD Theatre Arts auditions for 2023-24

2023-24 season of plays and musicals

  • May 22: 4:15pm at Lincoln
  • May 23: 6:00pm – 8:30pm at Bradford
  • May 24: 4:00pm – 8:00pm at Harborside
  • May 25: 4:15pm at Washington
  • May 26: 4:00pm – 8:30pm at Indian Trail
  • May 30: 4:15pm – 6:00pm at Lance
  • May 30: 6:30pm – 8:30pm at Tremper
  • June 2: 4:15pm at KTEC
  • June 5: 4:15pm at Mahone
  • June 6: 4:15pm at Bullen

Audition Requirements

Middle School (current 8th graders)

Middle Schoolers do NOT need to sign up for an audition time. Please show up at your school and sign in at 4:15PM. Please get the monologue from your music or theatre teacher. If you want to be considered for a musical, please prepare a one minute song.

High School

Please sign up for an audition time. Prepare two contrasting one minute monologues to be considered for straight plays only. For musical theatre, please prepare one monologue and a one minute musical theatre song.

All auditions will be in person. Questions? Contact Kristen Singer at ksinger@teachers.kusd.edu