Home school parent update

KUSD memorandum

UPDATE 10/11/20:

The previously posted memo was intended to help resident parents understand the need to file the PI-1206 Homeschool report with DPI, and not to rely only on notice to the resident district (Kenosha Unified) of the intent to elect homeschool status. Kenosha Unified received around 400 parent notifications for homeschooling over the past few months, which was a significant increase from the typical number we usually process at the start of the school year.  Many parents were calling a school or the central office or sending an email with a statement of homeschool intent, without understanding the requirement to complete the online form. Thus, our communication was intended to simply encourage parents making a homeschool election to complete the DPI online form. Asking parents to do so earlier rather than later was intended as a suggestion only, but parents may wait until the statutory deadline of October 15 to complete the online form if they wish.

Again, we were only trying to help parents understand the need to complete the form to officially make an election to homeschool. Kenosha Unified certainly understands that each parent has the right to determine the educational path of their child. We apologize if our memo caused any confusion on the process parents need to follow to comply with the law with respect to a homeschool election.

NOTICE: Parents considering homeschooling, please review this information to ensure you are following the Department of Public Instruction’s regulatory needs.

NOTE: homeschooling is not one of the choices offered by KUSD. Homeschooling is parents/guardians teaching their children at home instead of sending them to school or enrolling them in a virtual program with KUSD curriculum. The state requirements for homeschooling are linked in the memorandum above.