Board meeting recap: March 23, 2021

The following took place at tonight’s regular board meeting:

  • Consent Agenda – APPROVED
    • Consent/Approve Recommendations Concerning Appointments, Leaves of Absence, Retirements, Resignations and Separations
    • Consent/Approve Minutes of 2/23/21 Special Meeting and Executive Session and 2/23/21 Regular Meeting
    • Consent/Approve Summary of Receipts, Wire Transfers and Check Registers
    • Policy and Rule 3421 – District Recognition Awards (Second Reading) – APPROVED
  • Old Business – APPROVED
    • Discussion/Action Return 2020 Plan (NOTE: monthly agenda item for duration of pandemic)
  • New Business
    • Discussion/Action Kenosha Unified School District WIAA Sports Request to Compete with Non-Conference Schools – APPROVED
    • Discussion/Action LakeView Technology Academy Course Requests – APPROVED
    • Discussion/Action Head Start Federal Grant Request – APPROVED
    • Discussion/Action Head Start Federal Grant Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) Request – APPROVED
    • Discussion/Action Request to Submit and Implement the School-Based Mental Health Services Grant to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction – APPROVED
    • Discussion/Action Teaching and Learning Budget Assumption – APPROVED
    • Discussion/Action Wireless Access Point Upgrade Project – APPROVED
    • Discussion/Action Donations to the District – APPROVED

To learn more, please review the board agenda packet or meeting video.