Board meeting recap: April 25, 2023

The following took place at tonight’s Organizational Meeting: 

  • Roll Call of New Board – Completed
  • Oath of Office
    • Welcome back, Ms. Adams and Mr. Meadows! 
  • Organization of New Board
    • Election of Board President (Presides Upon Election) – Ms. Adams
    • Election of Board Vice President – Mrs. Modder
    • Election of Board Treasurer – Ms. Stevens
    • Election of Board Clerk – Mr. Price 
    • Appointment of School Board Secretary – Ms. Schroeder
    • Selection of Time and Place of Regular Meetings – Approved
    • Voting Order Draw – 1. Mr. Meadows, 2. Mrs. Modder, 3. Ms. Stevens, 4. Mr. Battle, 5. Mrs. Schmaling, 6. Mr. Price, Ms. Adams
    • Board Committees – to be determined at a later date
    • Check Signatures – Completed 
  • New or Old Business as Required
    • Legal Services for the District – Approved 
    • Schedule of Authorized Public Depositories – Approved
    • School Board Representative to Serve as Delegate at the CESA Annual Convention – Mr. Price 
  • Adjournment

The following business was addressed at tonight’s Regular Board Meeting: 

  • Administrative and Supervisory Appointments – NONE
  • Consent Agenda – APPROVED
    • Consent/Approve Recommendations Concerning Appointments, Leaves of Absence, Retirements, Resignations and Separations
    • Consent/Approve Minutes of 3/28/23 Special Meeting and Executive Session and 3/28/23 Regular Meeting
    • Consent/Approve Summary of Receipts, Wire Transfers, and Check Registers
    • Consent/Approve Policy 6610 – Selection of Instructional Materials (Second Reading)
  • Old Business – NONE
  • New Business
    • Discussion/Action Kenosha School of Technology Enhanced Curriculum Charter Contract Renewal – APPROVED
    • Discussion/Action Kenosha eSchool Charter Transition to the Kenosha eSchool Program – APPROVED
    • Discussion/Action Community Eligibility Provision – National School Breakfast and Lunch Programs – APPROVED
    • Discussion/Action Head Start State Supplemental Grant – 2023-2024 School Year – APPROVED
    • Discussion/Action Request to Submit and Implement the Education for Homeless Children and Youth Innovation Grant to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction – APPROVED
    • Discussion/Action Adoption of Instructional Materials for Kindergarten Through Fifth Grade Social Studies – APPROVED
    • Discussion/Action Resolution 408 – Resolution in Recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month 2023 – APPROVED
    • Discussion/Action Donation to the District – APPROVED
    • Adjournment – APPROVED

You can also review the agenda packet and related documents or watch the meeting in its entirety on the KUSD YouTube channel.