Board meeting recap: April 25, 2022

Tonight we officially welcomed two new board members, Mr. Eric Meadows and Mrs. Kristine Schmaling, as well as the return of Ms. Stevens for her sixth consecutive term on the board. The board also elected its 2022-23 leadership, including Ms. Adams as board president, Ms. Modder as vice president, Ms. Stevens as treasurer and Mr. Price as clerk. Congratulations to all!

In addition, the following took place tonight:

  • Consent Agenda – APPROVED
    • Consent/Approve Recommendations Concerning Appointments, Leaves of Absence, Retirements, Resignations and Separations
    • Consent/Approve Minutes of 3/22/22 Special Meeting and Executive Session, 3/22/22 Regular Meeting, and 4/11/22 Special Meeting and Executive Session
    • Consent/Approve Summary of Receipts, Wire Transfers and Check Registers
  • Old Business – NONE
  • New Business
    • Discussion/Action Head Start State Supplemental Grant – APPROVED
    • Discussion/Action Report of Contract in Aggregate of $50,000 – APPROVED
    • Discussion/Action Harborside Academy Charter Contract Renewal – APPROVED
    • Discussion/Action Activities Code of Conduct – APPROVED
    • Discussion/Action Proposed Changes to KUSD Policy 5120 Student Enrollment Reporting and Policy 6456 Graduation Requirements (First Reading) – APPROVED
    • Discussion/Action Voluntary Sick Leave Bank Program – APPROVED
    • Discussion/Action Expulsion Independent Hearing Officers – APPROVED
    • Discussion/Action Resolution 391 – Resolution in Recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month 2022 – APPROVED
    • Discussion/Action Donations to the District – APPROVED

For more information, please see the agenda packet or watch you the meeting in full.