4/29/19 board meeting recap

The following took place at tonight’s meeting:

  • Administrative and Supervisory Appointments
    • Christine Geyer, principal of Vernon Elementary
    • Maria Kotz, principal of Reuther Central High School
    • Thomas Tuttle, principal of EBSOLA Creative Arts
    • Barbara Villont, assistant principal of Bullen Middle School
  • Consent Agenda – APPROVED
    • Consent/Approve Recommendations Concerning Appointments, Leaves of Absence, Retirements, Resignations and Separations
    • Consent/Approve Minutes of 3/26/19 and 4/17/19 Special Meetings & Executive Sessions, and 3/26/19 Regular Meeting
    • Consent/Approve Summary of Receipts, Wire Transfers and Check Registers
  • New Business
    • Discussion/Action Electrical Easement – Bradford Energy Project – APPROVED