2022-23 Kenosha eSchool Elementary Program Parent Night – April 4

Kenosha eSchool 2022-23 Elementary Program Parent Night

The Kenosha eSchool Elementary program will consist of a blended model with a majority of learning constituting student-led asynchronous learning mixed with a few synchronous requirements each week. In fact,approximately 90% of the work will be asynchronous and 10% synchronous.

Each week, students will be required to attend a virtual face-to-face online advisory period with instructors. During this time, instructors will work on team building and other soft skills with students. Instructors are also available for support during office hours.

In addition, students will be required to attend two other sessions with classmates to discuss math skills and English skills. This is traditionally known as blended instruction (having both asynchronous work and synchronous work).

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