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PDP Team Member Information

Becoming a PDP Team Member

Being a PDP Team Member is a great way to support your colleagues and contribute to their professional growth. You can become a PDP Team by completing DPI approved Team Member training. Team Members must currently hold a Professional Educator License in Wisconsin.

KUSD Professional Learning offers the approved New Team Member training periodically. You can check MyLearningPlan to see when trainings are being provided through the district. Additionally, many CESAs provide this training. The training consists of an online portion and one face-to-face session. Check out the DPI Site for more information.

Renewing Your PDP Reviewer License

DPI provides an online refresher course for those interested in continuing as a PDP Team Member. Once the refresher is completed, your status as a PDP Team Member will continue for the next five years. See the DPI Site for more information.