LakeView Supermileage Vehicle Club Earns Six Awards | Kenosha Unified School District

LakeView Supermileage Vehicle Club Earns Six Awards

LakeView Technology Academy’s Supermileage Vehicle Club brought home six awards this weekend from its successful competition at the Road America Raceway in Elkhart Lake, the club’s final competition of the year.

For its electric-powered vehicle, LakeView’s team took first place in design, third place in braking distance and fourth place in distance. In addition, the club’s advisor, Matthew Schultz, was named “Advisor of the Year.”

The team also placed third in design for its gas-powered car and fourth in mileage with 275 mpg, 110 miles more than their gas car’s mileage at the Fox Valley Technical College competition at the Wisconsin International Raceway last month.

At that event, the students placed third in each gas-powered and electric-powered event. The gas car earned a school record at the particular track of 165 miles per gallon, and the electric car got a school record for the track with 41 laps, equating to 35 miles on a single battery charge.

The club keeps each vehicle for a total of three years, but the students are constantly finding ways to improve each one. For example, this year, the team also fabricated a custom fiberglass body for the electric car and 3D-printed housings for the mirrors and camera monitors for the vehicle’s backup cameras. To the club’s knowledge, they are the first in the state to have backup cameras in their vehicles.

“Every single part of these vehicles is fabricated and welded by these students,” Schultz said. “They come up with some great ideas along the way and make it happen. … This year’s team is very impressive.”

They also are using a three-phase brush motor to increase the electric car’s efficiency.

“As narcissistic as it may sound, when we hit the track, we know we have the best car out there,” LakeView junior Oscar Youngquist said.

The Supermileage Vehicle Club is finishing the year with nine members, and its enrollment is capped at 10 members each year. The hands-on club meets twice a week, year-round, with additional meetings to prepare for competitions.

Every vehicle is built, designed and tested by students with the goal to achieve the highest mileage possible. In addition, they design the vehicle based on strict rules and safety regulations outlined by each competition.