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Richard Bong State Recreational Area

Our closest state park is Richard Bong Recreational State Park in Kansasville, Wisconsin. The park has events almost every week for families to participate in and get out into nature.  Check out more fun activities on their website.

Yellow Trail Hike

Time: 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
Activities: Hike, Outdoor activity

Join Carol Samsa to hike the beautiful 4.4 yellow trail. Explore a seldom-visited part of the park. Meet at the Trailhead.

The weekend of June 6th and 7th is Free Fun Weekend! No licenses are needed by anyone to fish and your park entrance and trail fees are waived as well!

Many of these events are free with your annual Wisconsin State Parks pass.  For complete events listing go to the Richard S. Bong State Park’s Get Outdoors link on the DNR website and join the fun!

Check them out all summer!

Contact Beth Goeppinger for further details about environmental education programming at Richard Bong State Park or show your support by volunteering in the Richard Bong Naturalist Volunteer Program by contacting the ranger office.


For more information about membership in our local Sierra Club or to participate in sponsored events log onto their website at: http://wisconsin.sierraclub.org/segg/

Amphibians and Reptiles of SE WI with Randy Hentzel - Program Meeting

Presented by: Southeast Gateway Group


Melissa Warner - 262-639-0918 melissa.warner3@sbcglobal.net

Location: Gateway Technical College, 3520 30th Avenue, Kenosha, WI 53144, USA

Join us at Sealed Air YMCA in Mount Pleasant to meet some of Wisconsin’s most interesting amphibians and reptiles (herptiles) up close and personal. Randy Hetzel, wildlife biologist, will share his extensive knowledge and collection of these fascinating critters.

Randy is a career wildlife biologist and naturalist with “experience from songbirds to grizzly bears.” Often referred to as “RandyMan” by friends and colleagues, Hetzel’s work and travels encompass a wide range of species and habitats. His presentations entertain and educate people about nature.

Do You Have A Green Thumb???

Thanks to everyone who has volunteered for the garden this year!

Contact the main office to volunteer for summer garden maintenance

LED’s Come To Dimensions
Dimensions of Learning continues to invest in energy savings measures.

We believe that responsible actions in how we use our energy consumption is a wonderfully simple way to save $$’s to be used for education and instruction.

Did you know that our school has classroom switching systems that allow each teacher to select less lighting in their classrooms on sunny days when the maximum lumen output is not needed?

Did you know that Dimensions invested in motion sensor technology in minimally used areas?  We don’t need lights on when no one is in hallways, corridors or closet spaces.

Did you know that Dimensions replaced our emergency lighting with new LED technology?

In 2015 we will begin replacing Commons Area fixtures with new LED panels to save even more and continue to promote a “greener” school for everyone!


Spring 2015 Camp Trip

Planning Is Underway!

The Happy Campers are planning the spring trip already.  Mark your calendars for May1st-3rd, 2015.  We are planning a close camp trip at Richard Bong Recreational Park, Franksville, WI.  More information about this years camp outing will be coming.  Happy Campers is a voluntary group of Dimensions of Learning Academy faculty and student families and friends.  If you like to camp or would like to try camping, this is a wonderful opportunity to get out to some of our states wonderful campgrounds and network with other families at Dimensions.  We welcome all levels of camping experience to join with us at either our fall or spring camp outings.  You will be able to make reservations at Reserve America.com!  www.reserveamerica.com If you want more information about our group or need help planning your first camp trip contact Mrs. Amy Koskinen at amykoskinen@hotmail.com.  If you reserve a site, drop us a line with your family name and site number, so we can keep you in the loop or join us on Facebook at Dimensions Happy Campers!!!

Dimensions of Learning Academy is proud to be the first Wisconsin school to be Mighty Acorns.   Mrs. Carla Krone and her 5th grade students continue to explore and discover their natural surroundings as Acorns at the Pringle Nature Center, located in Bristol Wisconsin.  We would like to invite our learning community to come out and appreciate this beautiful local nature preserve with us this school year!  Hope to see you there.

Here are some of the MANY wonderful outdoor family events planned at the Pringle Nature Center.  The Center is a short drive from anywhere in the city and offers planned family events almost every weekend to get involved in and get into the great outdoors.  Check out their website for more information and other great events!

Stage Dedication

Saturday, May 30th, 2:00 p.m.

Our newest addition to the nature center will be dedicated. Included in the festivities will be a concert by Joan Hammel, who is an award winning professional vocalist who performs live as well as appears in commercials and films, and on television and radio.

Tickets: $10.00

Leave No Child Inside: Batty About Bats!

Saturday, May 30th, 7:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Come learn about the wonderful world of bats – how they use echolocation and how bats eat insects and not people! We will also make a bat salad with fruit that is pollinated by bats and see if we can spot any bats. Ages 4 and up.  All children must be accompanied by an adult. Registration is required! Call or register online.

Friends: $4.50/General Public: $6.00



9800 160th Ave  Bristol, WI 53104-9206 

(262) 857-8008


Green Initiative Parents 
in 2015-16!

Whatzzup is updated regularly for our Dimensions of Learning Academy Learning Community.  This is our way of helping your family stay connected to the ongoing “green” events and opportunities that are happening at our school and around our local area.  Bookmark our page and use it as your families tool to a green school and to GET INTO THE GREAT OUTDOORS TODAY!

Is Promoting Clean Air For Kids Through it’s...
Turn The Key & Be Idle Free

Have you taken notice of the signs along the east and west sides of our school building?

Dimensions GrIn Kids are promoting the voluntary opportunity for you driving parents/family members to help keep our shared air cleaner, the ozone layer stronger and help keep our children (especially those with compromised breathing) safer by remembering to turn your vehicles off for the time you are picking up your child at school.

Simple acts of courtesy like helping to reduce air pollution can make a big difference to our shared world!

Just like shutting off the water when you’re brushing your teeth saves valuable water and switching off the lights when you leave a room, turning off your car (and it’s exhaust) saves precious fuels, money and helps keep our air cleaner.

The students at Dimensions will be learning more about air pollution, toxins, the ozone and how each of us can help lessen our impact on our environment throughout the school year as a part of this new program.

GrIn hopes the posted signs will serve as a constant reminder to us all to....

Turn the Key


Be Idle Free!


Be the change

that you wish to see

in the world!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Facilities Manager, Lynn Landre, Impacts Energy Efficiency

Note: This is the first installment of a two-part series on Facilities Manager, Lynn Landre, and her efforts to reduce energy usage at Dimensions of Learning Academy, a charter school in Kenosha, Wis.

WHEN TALKING WITH FACILITIES MANAGER LYNN LANDRE, her passion for improving the 102-year old school building that houses Dimensions of Learning Academy is unmistakable. Her dedication to the students and staff of the Kenosha, Wis. charter school is evident in the joy she takes in caring for the building, which opened in 1911 as the home of the St. Thomas Aquinas parish. While many believe there are limits to the energy efficiency that can be achieved in older buildings, Lynn Landre isn't one of them.

Lynn first became concerned with the energy consumption of the school when she determined that her building's 1950s era boilers were not running efficiently. She discovered a hairline crack that was causing increased water consumption and excessive firing during operating periods; fixing the problem saved the school a significant amount of money in water costs and inspired Lynn to look for ways to save money in other areas.

While Lynn's passion has been the driving force behind many of the energy and money saving changes the school has made, she credits the administration and staff for the successful implementation of the long-range plan. The Dimensions of Learning Academy community — including the students and their families, the staff, and administration — has embraced Lynn's desire to connect her primary role as facilities manager to her desire to improve the students' learning environment. This expanded role has allowed her to thoughtfully and deliberately strategize solutions and work with the entire school to reduce energy consumption. Lynn, in collaboration with the principal, Ms. Diana Pearson, and the teaching and custodial staff developed a comprehensive plan called the Smart Energy Management Program.

The Smart Energy Management Program is a multi-dimensional — and ongoing — campaign that involves the Dimensions community in making the school as energy efficient as possible. By reviewing reports provided by the Kenosha Unified School District, Lynn and her team were able to better understand their energy consumption. This understanding allowed staff to set the guidelines that define the program. The solutions range from simply turning off lights when not in use and setting the water heaters to 120 degrees to larger projects like exchanging "energy hog" appliances with more efficient models and replacing exterior fixtures with Energy Star® rated models.

Partnerships outside the school have proven to be incredibly valuable, too. A five-year-plan to utilize financial incentives offered by Focus on Energy℠ helped Dimensions phase out older, less efficient lighting and replace much of it with energy efficient T-8 fixtures. With the help of another Focus on Energy℠ incentive the school replaced its outdated steam traps.

Buoyed by success, Lynn was given the nod to investigate a plan to replace the boilers that provided the initial spark for her efforts. After studying boiler options and learning the industry from an installer's point of view, Lynn was able to guide the project to a successful conclusion. Ultimately the boilers were replaced and much of the money saved was reinvested in the school, directly impacting the instructional needs of the school.

Lynn says she is most proud of the improvements in her school and the money savings those improvements have generated. The accolades, she says, have been a bonus. By 2009, Kenosha Unified School District had set an energy reduction goal of 11% for all buildings. While the goal was not known to the schools at the time, a handful of them — including Dimensions — were recognized as Energy Star® rated buildings. With this acknowledgment came a plaque and rebate check that was shared with the classroom teachers to promote their continued commitment to the Strategic Energy Management Program and other energy saving initiatives.

Outreach and education are staples of Dimensions of Learning Academy's approach to energy efficiency. Next month we will tell you more about Lynn's passion for education and her involvement with the Wisconsin K-12 Energy Education Program (KEEP), the Dimensions of Learning Academy's Green Initiative, and the Green & Healthy Schools Wisconsin program.

The Wisconsin K-12 Energy Education Program (KEEP) was created to promote energy education in Wisconsin schools. The goal of the Program is to leverage teacher education to improve and increase energy literacy in Wisconsin's K-12 schools as a means of contributing to statewide energy savings. KEEP is the product of an innovative public private partnership between educators and energy professionals including Wisconsin's major utilities. The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point's Wisconsin Center for Environmental Education - a center of the College of Natural Resources and UW Extension — Cooperative Extension - launched this effort in 1995.


UW-Stevens Point | 900 Reserve Street | Stevens Point, WI 54481

Green Initiative members are again playing the Cool Choices game.  Cool Choices is a fun and interactive online card game sponsored by the Wisconsin Green & Healthy Schools folks!

By playing the games cards participants have access to resource materials to help illustrate and educate about LOTS of sustainability areas like, energy conservation, water pollution, environmentally friendly transportation, etc.

Thanks to our friends at Wisconsin Green & Healthy Schools and the folks at Cool Choices for providing us with this fun way to explore environmental education.


Each year our “Green Initiative” moves farther from being an “initiative” and more towards being a standard in our school’s culture (Green Initiative History).

The Green Initiative is both a commitment by the school administration and staff to promote environmental stewardship and to support sustainability in it’s operations as well as a formal organization here at Dimensions of Learning Academy for parents to get involved in working with the GRIN (GReen INitiative) student club after school.

Staff volunteers have donated time to work with these student members to focus on the many areas that encompass environmentalism.  GRIN is a dynamic group of students that are enthusiastic about learning about our natural world and engaging in ways to share that enthusiasm with our Learning Community and the greater community at large.

We need and greatly appreciate our parent volunteers.  The Green Initiative is no exception.  If you have a passion for the environment that we all share, a skill (survivalist, hiker, gardener, animal activist, organic farming, crafting, etc.) that you could share with GRIN, we would LOVE to hear from you!

Contact Mrs. Landre, llandre@kusd.edu or call the main office to set up a time to plan how you can get involved.  Your involvement might be just one time or it could be ongoing.  Whatever you can provide, we are happy to help support!  Hope to hear from a lot of interested parents in 2015!