1900		St. Thomas Aquinas parish is established under Father William D Malone
1901		Theodore Roosevelt becomes President                                    BULLY!
1903		Wilber and Orville Wright fly at Kitty Hawk, MO                   
1907		Arrangements are made to purchase property on Elizabeth Street 
1909		St. Thomas Aquinas congregation was incorporated                                   Joseph Lindl
1911		St. Thomas Aquinas congregation acquired four lots on 25th Avenue and two on             
                  26th Avenue by warranty deed
		Construction of church begins
		The cornerstone was laid
		The first mass was held in the southeast corner of the new basement 
                  The bell in the tower rang out for the first time                   This is history in the making!
1912		St. Thomas Aquinas Church was dedicated                         
1912		Four rooms and hall formed the St. Thomas School in the basement of the church
1914		World War 1 begins
1915		The first class graduated out of the St. Thomas church building
1915		Rectory was built
1916		Two room portable was added to property
1918		World War I ends.
1922		Eight rooms were open (portables added) for 380 students
1924          St. Thomas Catholic School is built                                                        
1926		Warner Bros. Studio debuts the first "talkie”
1928		Father William D Malone dies
                  Father Charles F. McBride becomes second pastor                  
1929		First updates were made of the existing property
1929		Stock market crashes.  The beginning of the Great Depression.
1930		Original colored glass windows were replaced with stained glass
1932		St. Thomas seeks a loan to continue operations and a means to make it's interest                                                                              
1937		Father Joseph Higgins becomes Pastor                                                    
1939		First television is introduced at the New York World’s Fair 
1940		Franklin Delano Roosevelt becomes President
1945		World War 2 ends
		Parish debts were balanced on the property                                                
1949		The rectory building was remodeled                                                         Uptown Kenosha 
1951          First color television introduced in the U.S.                                                  1930’s                                                   
1952		Property to the north of the school was purchased                                        
1953		A new convent building was constructed                                                      
1954          American Motors Corporation is formed including a Kenosha plant
                  School segregation is found unconstitutional
1960		Extensive remodeling and redecorating of the church
1962		Electric pipe organ system is installed in choir loft
1963		President John F. Kennedy is assasinated
1964		Father Higgins dies
1969		First man walks on the moon                         
1976		The convent is renovated
1981          First PC is introduced 
1984		A new roof was put on the church and handicap lift/entrance was installed on the 
                  west side
1986		St. Thomas church is remodeled under the direction of Kathy Redlin
1989          World Wide Web is created
1994          Yahoo is launched
1997          Diana Pearson and Lori Waters meet to discuss opening a new charter school
                  A cloned lamb is created from adult sheep DNA                                                     
1998          A board was formed to support the investigation           
                  of creating 
                  The creation of E-mail causes explosive Internet growth
1999          Kenosha Unified School District agrees to sanctioning a new Charter in our district
2000          Volunteers work to renovate classrooms and provide repairs to the building
                  Dimensions of Learning Academy opens
                  DNA sequencing of human genome is completed
2001          Terrorists crash hijacked airplanes into the World Trade Cente          
2003          President George W. Bush declares war on Iraq
2004          School cafeteria is remodeled
2005          Hurricane Katrina destroys New Orleans
                  New boiler and a condensate tank is installed
2006          New roof is installed on the school building 
2008          Barack Obama becomes the first black president of the United States
2009          South end is renovated with a new roof and energy efficient lighting systems
2010          An extensive window replacement project begins on the school buildingTimeline_files/When%20parish%20buildings.doc