Communication is the key component of how our school staff shares news, ideas, educational enrichment opportunities, reports, event calendar dates, health and safety information and other important “drips” about what is going on at Dimensions with the Dimensions Learning Community (teachers, staff, students, parents, immediate and extended family members of students).

We have a monthly school newsletter that is provided to each student/family.  Twice a year a facilities section is included in the school newsletter that helps to communicate to the learning community information about the building and/or building operations and maintenance (O&M). 

O&M at our school includes, but is not limited to cleaning, general grounds maintenance, supply inventory and purchasing, equipment purchasing and maintenance, fire inspections, IAQ inspections, boiler operations, inspections and maintenance, Green Initiative oversight, long range plan studies and implementation, health and safety, Smart Energy Management, and facility security management.

If you need any specific information regarding any of the above mentioned at Dimensions of Learning Academy facility, please contact the main office or the Facilities Manager.

Communication Is The Key.....

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