Our Little Red Brick School


Dimensions of Learning Academy opened its doors for learning in September 2000.  We operate our public charter school in the former St. Thomas Aquinas church and school, 6218-25th Avenue in the uptown area of Kenosha, Wisconsin.

We are proud to be a chapter in the ever evolving history of public education.  We believe that our educational facility represents a unique merging of some of the best educational trends of the early twentieth century and the modern design concepts


Great buildings that move the spirit have always been rare. In every case they are unique, poetic, products of the heart.

Arthur Erickson

The History of Our Schoolhouse

St. Thomas Aquinas Begins Our History

On March 7th, 1907, Father William D. Malone arranged to purchase property on the the former Elizabeth Street (63rd Street) in Kenosha, Wisconsin to erect a new  catholic church to house the St.Thomas Aquinas parish (established early 1900).  This area was considered a “remote” location in our city at the time and is said to have received skepticism regarding it’s feasibility for the community.  The land (four lots on 25th Avenue and two more on 26th Avenue) was warranty deeded in 1911.  The construction supervisor was Joseph Lindl, architect.  John Kreuser was the original contractor.  For more historical/archival information see the Kenosha Evening News reprinted article in “Newsletters” or explore “Timeline”.

The building operated as a sanctuary and school for a progressive and growing parish.  Countless families joined the St. Thomas Aquinas parish in it’s 85 plus years, occupying this beautiful building.  The building was host to both church and community functions, weddings, christenings, and funeral services.  And it remains a sentimental location for many.

The building underwent many renovations, remodels and new installations over its years of operations as St. Thomas.  We have attempted to preserve some of that history in our “timeline” and “history”. 

The St. Thomas Aquinas church was closed in 2000.  It’s parish has since merged with St. Mary’s Catholic Church.

A New Beginning

A new public charter school in the Kenosha Unified School District was seeking a site in 1999.  After establishing an enrollment capacity and considering the type of programs that would be included in the curriculum design, members of the planning committee began touring available properties throughout Kenosha.

The former St. Thomas building soon became the favorite choice.  It was centrally located which would make it easily accessible to everyone, it had the largest square footage of the properties available, it had already been proven as a successful school building and it was offered as a lease/purchase.  This would make the new Dimensions of Learning Academy charter school, the first charter school in Kenosha and one of only a hand full in the entire state to own and operate it’s own building!  That was both an exciting and challenging opportunity for the founders.

After the charter was finalized and approved by the school board in June 2000 dozens of volunteers rolled up their sleeves to give this little red building a clean new look for our big opening day!  Carpeting was replaced, lights and windows were repaired, mechanicals were inspected and repaired, floors were stripped and waxed, walls were painted, tons of furniture and donations were received, books and computers were bought and so much more!  It was exhausting, but certainly a labor of love on the part of those volunteers who supported our new school in its beautiful little red building!

Special thanks to Richard T. Casey for his assistance in transferring the St. Thomas Aquinas property to Dimensions of Learning Academy, all the dedicated volunteers who continue to support our schoolhouse, the Kenosha Unified School Board and the Kenosha Unified Facilities Department!

The Little Red Schoolhouse Lives On

Today, Dimensions of Learning Academy continues to serve the Kenosha community by providing a quality education to students in grades K-8.  Our little red schoolhouse is a busy and bustling place anytime.  Our 215 plus students utilize the facility for their classes, before and after-school care, computer literacy, musical programs, band and orchestra concerts, physical education and enrichment, National Junior Honor Society inductions, geography bees, spelling bees, sock hops, carnivals, green initiative events, many various meetings, game days, fitness breaks, pot luck, graduation ceremonies, parents night out, middle school socials, girl scouts, boy scouts, art displays, talent shows, middle school classes (8th grade students volunteer to teach their special talents to elementary grade students) and again SO MUCH MORE!

Come Take A Tour

We have an annual open house for anyone interested in enrolling at Dimensions of Learning Academy in January.  Please contact the main office for further information and exact dates at 262-359-6849.  Tours are also available during the summer months for families who have entered our enrollment lottery in February.

Contact Information
Dimensions of Learning Academy
6218-25th Avenue
Kenosha, Wisconsin
Main Office 262-359-6849
Facilities Office 262-359-6847
Fax 262-359-3134
School Hours:  8:00-2:45
Principal: Diana Pearson
Facilities Manager: Lynn Landre
Facilities Assistant: Ray Yepez

Musical Score:  Great Glen
Composed By:
Taylor Cepea Hayward

for twenty first century learning in our beloved little red brick building!

Please contact our office at (New) 359-6849 for more information on student applications to become a part of the future of Dimensions of Learning Academy.