Get My PDP Verified | Kenosha Unified School District

Get My PDP Verified

You’ve made it! You have successfully completed your PDP and now you need to submit it to a PDP Verification Team. Before going any further, make sure that all of the steps have been completed in WECAN or QEI:

  • Annual reviews have been completed for each implementation year (step 3)

  • All activity completion dates have been entered (step 3)

  • You have uploaded 3-5 artifacts and explained how they show professional growth and/or impact on student learning - you need to show growth in both areas somewhere in your evidence (step 4)

  • You have completed the final summary and reflection (step 4)

Once everything above has been completed, you are ready to select PDP team members to verify completion of your PDP. For more information, go to the Select PDP Team Members page.