The Educator Effectiveness Evaluation System

Educator Effectiveness, which is an evaluation system for educators and administrators, focuses on professional growth and development through observation, reflection, and professional learning.  Research shows that the number one factor contributing to student growth is teacher quality.  Therefore, Kenosha Unified is dedicated to focusing on classroom teachers and school leaders to support student success through this process.  Each year, all educators and administrators will develop an Effectiveness Plan that addresses professional learning and student outcomes.  This plan will make up half of the evaluation system and professional practice will comprise the other half. Evaluators and educators will work together to gather data and artifacts that address goals and reflect on progress.  Emphasis will be placed on growth in this model and participants will make student learning their highest priority.

Educator Evaluation Timeline

Suggested Completion Date* Teacher Action Principal Action


OASYS Resource Videos


9/15 Log-in to and check your credentials Report all errors to the respective HR coordinator

The OASYS training (Credentials) (PDF)

9/30 Complete Self-review Provide Professional learning to support this process The OASYS training (Self-Review) (PDF)
10/15 Complete Educator Effectiveness Plan (1PPG,1SLO)

The OASYS training (EEP) (PDF)

SLO Rubric (PDF)

SLO Tracking Form

1/15 Summary Year Educators will complete the pre-observation conference form, complete post observation form Facilitate pre-conference form, Review EEP, and conduct announced observation for all Summary Year Educators

Observation Guidelines for Evaluators (PDF)

Observation Guidelines for Teachers (PDF)

Adding Evidence Statements (PDF)

2/15 Complete mid-interval documents for EEP Conduct mid-interval review meeting, conduct one mini observation for all Summary Year Educators

Completing an Observation (PDF)

Adding a Component in MLP Evaluation (PDF)

5/15 Upload and tag artifacts to support the scoring of Domains 1 and 4. Summary Educators need to complete all EEP forms and End-of-Cycle Reflection form. Complete 2nd mini-observation for all Summary Year Educators and one mini-observation for Support 2 Educators

Adding Artifacts to MLP (PDF)

Possible Artifacts for Danielson Domains One and Four (PDF)

Teacher Workday All Supporting Year educators need to complete all EEP forms. Score all evidence for each component in the Danielson Framework, conduct end of summary meeting with summary educators, submit signed HR documentation Closing Out a Summary Evaluation (PDF)


*This timeline may need to be adjusted for educators with semester long SLOs, educators on leave, and other unexpected incidents that may arise. The educator and principal must work together to adjust the schedule.




General Document(s)
Form English
Adding a Component in MLP Evaluation PDF icon adding-a-component-in-mlp-evaluation.pdf
Adding Artifacts to MLP PDF icon adding-artifacts-to-mlp.pdf
Calibration Process PDF icon calibration-process.pdf
Closing Out a Summary Evaluation PDF icon closing-out-a-summary-evaluation.pdf
Completing an Observation PDF icon completing-an-observation.pdf
Danielson Aligned Lesson Plan Template for Formal Observations PDF icon lesson-plan-template.pdf
Evidence Statement Functionality in Frontline Education PDF icon adding-evidence-statements.pdf
The OASYS training (Credentials) PDF icon OASYS training (Credentials).pdf
The OASYS training (Self-Review) PDF icon OAYSIS training (Self-Review) (002).pdf
The OASYS training (EEP) PDF icon OAYSIS training (EEP).pdf
Observation Guidelines for Evaluators PDF icon observation-guidelines-evaluators.pdf
Observation Guidelines for Teachers PDF icon observation-guidelines-teachers.pdf
Possible Artifacts for Danielson Domains One and Four PDF icon possible-artifacts.pdf
SLO Rubric PDF icon slo-rubric.pdf