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Theatre Arts

Theater arts education begins in elementary school musical and operatic productions. Students may choose to continue their theatre arts education during middle school extra-curricular productions and high school curricular and extra-curricular productions.

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General Document(s)
Form English
All the King’s Women - cast list PDF icon all-the-kings-women-cast.pdf
The Christians - poster PDF icon christians-poster.pdf
Farce of Nature - cast list PDF icon farce-of-nature-cast.pdf
Farce of Nature & Farce of Habit - poster PDF icon farce-of-nature-habit-poster.pdf
Freaky Friday - cast list PDF icon freaky-friday-cast.pdf
Freaky Friday - poster PDF icon freaky-friday-poster.pdf
Holes - cast list PDF icon holes-cast.pdf
Holes - poster PDF icon holes-poster.pdf
A Kid Like Jake - poster PDF icon a-kid-like-jake-poster.pdf
The Liar - poster PDF icon the-liar-poster.pdf
The Lion In Winter - poster PDF icon lion-in-winter-poster.pdf
Little Mermaid Jr. - cast list PDF icon little-mermaid-cast.pdf
Little Mermaid Jr. - poster PDF icon little-mermaid.pdf
The Little Prince - poster PDF icon little-prince-poster.pdf
Mamma Mia! - cast list PDF icon mamma-mia-cast.pdf
Mamma Mia! - poster PDF icon mama-mia-poster.pdf
Next to Normal - cast list PDF icon next-to-normal-cast.pdf
Next to Normal - poster PDF icon next-to-normal-poster.pdf
On the Verge - cast list PDF icon on-the-verge-cast.pdf
On the Verge - poster PDF icon on-the-verge-poster.pdf
Oklahoma - cast list PDF icon oklahoma-cast.pdf
Oklahoma! - poster PDF icon oklahoma.pdf
The Secret Garden - poster PDF icon secret-garden.pdf
The Sound of Music - cast list PDF icon sound-of-music-cast.pdf
A View From The Bridge - cast list PDF icon view-from-the-bridge-cast.pdf