Youth Options Program Application Procedures | Kenosha Unified School District

Youth Options Program Application Procedures

  1. The deadlines for applying for the Youth Options Program are: March 1 for the Fall Term and October 1 for the Spring Term.

  2. The approved KUSD YOP application may be downloaded from this web site or obtained from your high school counselor.

  3. Students may request courses from the KUSD approved course list that is provided for Carthage College, Gateway Technical College, and the University of Wisconsin-Parkside on the web site.

  4. Students applying for the Youth Options Program must be full time public school students--a junior or senior in good standing--not a discipline problem, not be truant from school, and not an At-Risk student as defined by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

  5. All Kenosha Unified School District juniors and seniors must take a minimum of 6 credits per year.  When students register for your high school courses, you must select at least 6 credits within the high school building.  If you are accepted in YOP and when you are actually enrolled in approved YOP courses, then and only then can the high school schedule be adjusted and some elective courses dropped from your high school schedule.

  6. To have releases during the high school day for YOP, students must give your high school counselor a copy of your YOP college schedule and submit a Release Form signed by your parent/guardian.  Ask your high school for the Release Form.

  7. Athletes must be full-time enrolled students throughout the semester of the sport for Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Association (WIAA) athletic purposes.

  8. Because of the federal and state privacy regulations, there is no designation on the YOP application form to identify that a qualified special education student is enrolling in YOP.  Therefore, it is the student's responsibility to disclose your special education status if assistance is needed, such as large print textbooks for Vision Impaired, handicapped accessibility, interpreters for hearing impaired, etc. See the KUSD brochure and the DPI web site regarding program considerations for Special Education students.

  9. If students qualify under Section 504 of the American Disabilities Act because of a serious health and/or temporary condition, it is your responsibility to disclose the accommodation needs to the higher education contact person and/or the professor.

  10. The YOP bill for books and tuition are submitted to the school district. KUSD pays for the required books and tuition.

  11. Students pay for additional fees such as placement tests, exams, parking permits, cosmetology kits, flight school, welding supplies, workbooks, and other materials or supplies that would become the property of the student.

  12. Students must show the college bookstore your college class schedule and identify yourself as a Youth Options Program student.  Students, you do NOT pay for the books at the college bookstore.  If you do, KUSD cannot reimburse you!  If the bookstore does not have you on the YOP list, contact your college admissions representative immediately.

  13. At the completion of the course, YOP students must turn in their textbook to the school library.  Make sure that the librarian has your name and the class that you took.

  14. Students also have the option of purchasing your college textbooks.  Please contact Ally Ciesielski at 262-359-6304 for the cost of the book.  Students will need to bring cash, check, or money to the Ally Ciesielski at the Educational Support Center / 3600 52nd Street, Kenosha.

  15. Used workbooks become the property of the student and are not returned to the district.

  16. Students who do not return or purchase the YOP textbooks will be given a book fine that must be paid at the end of the school year and/or prior to receiving your high school diploma.

  17. Students may need to coordinate your YOP course final exams and your high school course attendance.  Talk with your high school teachers if you must miss your high school course(s) on the day of your college finals and make sure that you make up any high school assignments for that day.  Parents should contact the high school attendance office to excuse your absence from school to take your YOP finals.

  18. Upon the completion of the YOP course(s), the college sends the final YOP grades to the Kenosha Unified School District and the grades are recorded on your high school report card and transcript.

  19. Students receive both college credits and high school credits for YOP course(s). Four college credits are equivalent to one high school credit.

  20. Most college courses are ranked as honors courses.  YOP courses which list grades of S/U (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory) or P/F (Pass/Fail) are ranked as regular courses. Please note that PE/health/exercise courses are neither YOP approved for high school credit nor are they designated as honors courses. Check the KUSD approved course listings.

  21. When students are applying for college and wish to get a transcript to transfer your YOP credits for acceptance by another higher education institution, you must contact the registrar or records office at the college where you took the YOP course(s).  There is usually a small fee for official college transcripts to be paid by the students.

  22. According to latest changes in YOP legislation, students may take no more that 18 YOP college credits in your two qualifying years.  The only exceptions to the 18 credit limits are the students who are enrolled in the required LakeView Technology Academy programs approved by the KUSD School Board.

  23. Students should be aware that college grades are withheld if you do not pay your parking permits or other college bills. YOP grades that are withheld are listed as "F" on the high school transcript.

  24. If you experience problems in your YOP course(s), contact your college instructor, the admissions representative and your high school counselor IMMEDIATELY!

  25. Students who fail YOP course(s) or drop after the college deadline date that results in a failure are required to reimburse the Kenosha Unified School District for the full price of the books and the tuition.

  26. Students who do not reimburse the district for the failed YOP course(s) are no longer eligible to participate in the YOP program. Remember only students in good academic standing qualify for the YOP program. Failing grades do not constitute good academic standing.

  27. Those YOP textbook fines will be collected like any other high school fee/fine at the end of the school year and/or before graduation.

  28. Students should make sure you have enough travel time to and from your high school and the college.

  29. Students who are within the low-income guidelines indicated on the YOP application form qualify for travel reimbursement. Students must keep a travel log of the days and the mileage recorded to and from your high school and the college. Upon the completion of the YOP course(s), students submit your travel log and Travel Reimbursement Form to your high school counselor. The form and your documentation are sent to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction for reimbursement. You will usually receive the travel reimbursement within four to six weeks.

  30. WHEN IN DOUBT, see your high school counselor.