Questions & Answers - Youth Options Program | Kenosha Unified School District

Questions & Answers - Youth Options Program

1. What can I do if I miss the Youth Options Application deadline?

You will have to wait for the next opportunity in either spring or fall to apply.

2. What if I don’t get accepted at the college I want? Can I appeal?

The colleges accept Youth Options students if there is room, that is, after they have placed their freshmen class.  The Youth Options students are the last to be placed.  There is no appeal as this is a decision of the higher education institution.

3. My high school schedule is full. Can I take Youth Options courses at night?

Youth Options students may take college courses at night and on the weekend according to the college’s schedule.

4. My high school schedule conflicts with the Youth Options course I want. What should I do?

You need to discuss this with your high school counselor and/or Case Manager if you are in Special Education.  They can help you look at all options.

5. How do I know which courses will be offered in the spring? In the fall?

You need to refer to the college web site and to old course schedules to make a best guess on when courses may be offered.

6. Why are the deadlines March 1 and October 1 before the colleges have published their course schedules?

These deadlines were set by the Wisconsin Legislature.  You need to ask your elected officials about this matter.

7. Why can’t I change courses if I can’t get into the YOP classes I want?

Kenosha Unified School District at one time allowed students to change courses as they wished and the district was spending over $500,000 per year on a few students taking the Youth Options courses.  The district, because of budget constraints, now restricts students to the courses listed on the approved YOP application form.

8. What do I do if I find that the college course is too hard?

You need to talk with the college professor immediately and your high school counselor.

9. How would an “F” on a college transcript affect my getting in to college or affect my college cumulative grade point average?

An “F” is a permanent record, which may affect college admissions after high school, as you are required to disclose your Youth Options Program course work on the admissions application.  You will need to earn at least four “A’s” in college to counter balance the impact of one “F.”

10. If I get sick and cannot complete my Youth Options course, what should I do?

You or your parents should contact your high school counselor immediately.  You should also get a physician’s or psychiatrist’s written verification of your health status and his/her recommendation to submit to the college and your high school in your appeal of a grade and/or to drop the course beyond the deadline without penalty.

11. Can I apply to more that one college for Youth Options?

Yes, but you must submit a separate application for each higher education institution and then only select one of the educational institutions to attend for the semester. The Youth Options statute and rule limit students to attending one college or university each semester.  In any case, you may NOT take so many credits that you become a full-time college student while still in high school.  Each institution restricts the number of credits you may take per semester.  The total number per semester must be less than full-time college.

12. Why won’t Kenosha Unified approve flight school at Gateway Technical College?

Flight school is not approved because of the extraordinary expense: $4000 to $6000 or more for flight school.

13. Why can’t I just skip my high school classes on Thursday morning so I can take a lab for the college science course I want?

You can enroll in only those courses that do not conflict with your high school schedule.  You may have a schedule conflict when you have college finals.  At that time, you will need to communicate with your high school teacher and have your parents call the attendance office to excuse you for finals.

14. Can I leave my high school class early or come late every day to fit my Youth Options course in and to get to the college on time?

No, you are not excused to leave early from or come late to your regularly scheduled high school courses.

15. My parents are willing to pay for more college courses. Can we do that?

No, you may not become a full-time college student while still enrolled in high school.

16. Can I have the school district pay for Youth Options courses for Super-Spring term, J-term, or in the summer?

No, according to the state law, Youth Options courses are approved for only the regular spring and fall terms.

If you have additional questions or concerns, contact your building counselor.