The Finance Department is responsible for providing the financial management of all District funds and maintaining the fiscal integrity of the District. Core responsibilities include managing the District's investments and cash flow, accounting/financial analysis and reporting, budget management, revenue management, payroll processing, purchasing, grant management, and internal control development and review.

Department Contacts

Who should I contact?

Corey Brown
(262) 359-5920
Delana Davis
(262) 359-6299
Denise Fox
(262) 359-7891
Amy Franz
(262) 359-7656
Tarik Hamdan
(262) 359-7382
Bob Hofer
(262) 359-5914
Drew Lockerby
(262) 359-6337
Sharon Morgan
(262) 359-6340
Lisa Salo
(262) 359-6277
Jodi Shores
(262) 359-6338
Alyssa Slater
(262) 359-5931
Kristine Stibb
(262) 359-7601
Andrew Strash
(262) 359-6314
Debbie Topel
(262) 359-7984


General Document(s)
Form English
Annual Financial Report - FY2016 PDF icon FY16_AFR.pdf
Annual Financial Report - FY2015 PDF icon FY15_AFR.pdf
Annual Financial Report - FY2014 PDF icon FY14_AFR.pdf
Annual Financial Report - FY2013 PDF icon FY13_AFR.pdf
Comprehensive Annual Financial Report - FY2012 PDF icon cafr.pdf
Glossary of Educational Terms PDF icon educationalterms.pdf
Glossary of School Financial Terms PDF icon schoolfinanceterms.pdf
CDO: Letter from Board President Mary Snyder PDF icon cdo-letter-1.pdf
CDO: General news release PDF icon 20120319_litigation-1.pdf
Finance Staff Directory PDF icon financedirectory.pdf