Copy Center | Kenosha Unified School District

Copy Center

The Copy Center is able to do most printing and bindery work at a lower cost than outside the district. The Copy Center offers special pricing for large color work and special requests. For any questions, please call the Copy Center at 359-6374 or John Allen at 359-5998.

Copy Center Equipment

  • Xerox Docutech 100 C/P and Docutech 6115 capable of 230 copies per minute and in line thermal binding.
  • Lanier LD345c digital color copier and network printer
  • Lanier 5255 black and white digital network copier.
  • Lanier 5233 black and white digital network copier and fax.
  • Triumph fully automatic paper cutter for cutting thick stacks of paper.
  • Challenge Model EH-3A paper drilling machine for bulk 3-hole punching.
  • Multigraphics Air-Feed Multi Folder. Fold in half or tri-fold.
  • Multigraphics Bookletmaster. For handbooks, programs, etc.
  • Powis Parker Fastback Model 15 Binder. For binding books permanently.
  • Martin Yale Auto Perf-Perforator.
  • Padding equipment for making scratch pads.
  • Desktop publishing capabilities.