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Upcoming Programs

General Document(s)
Form English Spanish
Super Summer Reading at Curtis Strange - May 17 PDF icon strange-super-reading.pdf PDF icon strange-super-reading-sp.pdf
MotherRead/FatherRead at Brass - May 2, 9, 16 & 23 PDF icon brass-mother-father-read.pdf
Poetry Cafe at Somers - May 29 PDF icon somers-poetry.pdf
Donuts with Dad at EBSOLA-CA - June 1 PDF icon ebsolaca-donuts.pdf PDF icon ebsolaca-donuts-sp.pdf
Transitioning to 1st Grade at Somers - June 6 PDF icon somers-transition.pdf PDF icon somers-transition-sp.pdf
1st Grade Summer Learning at Somers - June 7 PDF icon somers-summer1.pdf
Adult Education Class to Learn English at Strange - Sept. 28-June 7 PDF icon strange-esl.pdf PDF icon strange-esl-sp.pdf
Adult Education Class to Learn English at Forest Park - Nov. 2-June 7 PDF icon forestpark-esl.pdf PDF icon forestpark-esl-sp.pdf
Adult Education Class to Learn English at Wilson - Sept. 18-June 11 PDF icon wilson-esl.pdf PDF icon wilson-esl-sp.pdf
Back to School Picnic at McKinley - Aug. 22 PDF icon mckinley-back-to-school.pdf PDF icon mckinley-back-to-school-sp.pdf