2017-18 School Year Instructional Calendar

  • August 22-25 (Tuesday-Friday): New Instructional Staff Orientation
  • August 28 (Monday): All Instructional Staff Report
  • September 4 (Monday): Labor Day, District Closed
  • September 5 (Tuesday): Students Report
  • November 3 (Friday): First Quarter Ends, Staff Workday, No Students Report
  • November 22 (Wednesday): ½ Day for Students & Instructional Staff
  • November 23-24 (Thursday-Friday): Thanksgiving Recess
  • December 20 (Wednesday): Winter Recess Begins, District Closed
  • January 3 (Wednesday - Schools Reopen): Students Report
  • January 15 (Monday): Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, District Closed
  • January 19 (Friday): Second Quarter Ends, Staff Workday, No Students Report
  • March 23 (Friday): Third Quarter Ends, Staff Workday, No Students Report
  • March 30 (Friday): Spring Recess Begins, District Closed
  • April 9 (Monday - Schools Reopen): Students Report
  • May 25 (Friday): ½ Day for Students & Instructional Staff
  • May 28 (Monday): Memorial Day, District Closed
  • June 13 (Wednesday): Fourth Quarter Ends, End of Year for Students
  • June 14 (Thursday): Staff Workday

Please reference the KUSD Employee Handbook for identified paid holidays.

The school schedules take into consideration two (2) inclement weather/other emergencies days that have been built into the schedule. In the event school is closed beyond the two days due to inclement weather or other emergencies, the remaining calendar period will be reviewed. If the closures result in a shortage of the required instructional time, the calendar will be adjusted and communicated as necessary.

Prior to the end of each school year, calculations will be done to determine if every school in the district meets the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction required number of student contact hours and minutes. A 30-minute student lunch period will be scheduled into each full day daily schedule.

Open house schedules will be established and communicated by each building prior to the beginning of the school year.

KUSD Calendar References can be found on the Events page.